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Toasty Tunes review of Bernardine's new single "Horizon"

Bernardine, an indie singer/songwriter from Perth, has just released her new single and music video for single ‘Horizon’, which premiered on Auspop on May 5.

The indie pop musician made her debut in 2015 with the release of her self-titled album which received a lot of love from Tone Deaf, Happy Mag, ABC Radio National AND garnering airplay of her album over 50 radio stations across the country. At this time, the musician was described as the “love child of Sarah Blasko and Bernard Fanning'' (RTR FM, 2015), revelling in her initial folk sound. Since then, Bernardine’s sound has transformed and evolved with the times; her sound now takes elements of electronic pop and that shines through more and more as you follow the musical journey she’s had through the years. The Bernardine you know and love today is definitely comfortable with her unique sound that sets her apart; built upon “atmospheric vocals [cascading] over a sea of shimmering guitars and synths, set in motion by downtempo sunset rhythms”. full article


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