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Interview with Toasty Tunes: Bernardine Back With New Single "Tiptoe"

Although clad with many an accomplishment under her belt, what with attention from various radio stations and magazines such as Triple J and Happy Mag, Bernardine makes sure not to slow her progression and has been a constant favourite on the Australian charts. Earlier this year, the musician made sure to set the tone for her career with the release of new tracks ‘22’ and ‘Horizon’.

Your musical style has taken on a transformative journey since the release of the ‘Bernardine’ EP in 2015; what do you feel triggered this and do you feel like your recent releases have set a different trajectory for you musically?

Yes it certainly has! The transformation was triggered by my own musical preferences. As a listener my first instinct is to always put on EDM for my enjoyment and relaxation and so I wanted to begin to incorporate some EDM elements into my singer songwriter style simply because I love it. The incorporation of electronic sounds has certainly set me on a different trajectory musically, I'm being led towards being able to offer a really energised and uplifting live set which is definitely on the cards in the near future. full article


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