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AMNPLIFY review of Bernardine's new single "Horizon"

Affectionate and warmth radiate from WA based artist Bernardine’s new single, “Horizon”. A shimmery, golden-hued song that revels in the first heady wave of love and adoration. The singer and songwriter is well versed in creating almost ethereal music. Bernardine has not only busked around Perth but played in various bands all whilst studying music at university. Her breadth of talent and experience has allowed the indie-pop artist to project confidence that informs her music.

“Horizon” is produced by Sydney’s Tim McArtney, the song created during the long shutdown days of the pandemic in Australia is a promise that better days will come, even if the horizon is still far off in the distance. “Horizon’s” feathery production is anchored by the sanguine guitars and in this song, it really is Bernardine’s vocals that shine brightly. Her voice is warm and unhurried complimenting the languid rhythm of the song. Full article


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